It’s been quite a journey building the mobiMe App for schools and has taken our team at mobiDdiction a good part of the last year to conceptualise and build this platform and so proud to say and a huge cheers to our mobiDdiction team based in Sydney.

As they say, it all starts with a small idea.

The way the idea came about was that being a first time parent where my daughter had just joined kindy at St Ambrose in Concord West. I noted there was so much more I had to keep up in terms of the school communication from notes in the bag, permission slips, newsletters, emails, printed flyers attached with some notes and most of them needed some form of action from us as parents and some don’t even make it home! That is when it struck me to to speak to our team about creating a platform based on mobile phones that the schools can publish news, events, messages, photos albiet all in a very secure and relevant way to me as a parent of a child attending that particular school.


The “parent” side and the “teacher” side

Sounded crazy at that time but we took the idea and started to work through the minute details of what is it that is going to make both the “schools” (as in teachers) and “Us” as in parents lives easier and stay in touch with schools.

I spoke with Jamie Wahab at that time and he was equally excited if not more about this “apportunity” (…pun intended!) and I started to understand a bit more in-depth of what is the schools are after, what would it mean for a parent to receive communication through a mobile, how would it work and also very mindful that whatever solution we come up with needs to be secure, we all have smart phones, we bank on the go, socialise on the go and really I want to be able to see what’s relevant to me as a parent. The intent was also to reduce the amount of work that the teachers have to go through? Which is when I spoke with Jamie, the principal at St Ambrose Catholic Primary at Concord West and with his amazing enthusiasm in a few weeks he introduced me to the lovely senior leadership team at St Ambrose and I am so lucky and priviledged that I had feedback direct from all of them and we went through some several interesting rounds of feedback during the process of building this app and platform — not just as a mobile app but as a platform built on mobiDdiction’s mobiConnect which has a great vision, commitment and a solid roadmap attached to it.

My personal and huge thank you to St Ambrose, the leadership team there & most importantly the support and advise from Jamie Wahab and for giving me the opportunity and really believing in what mobiDdiction could deliver.

It has been a few months now that we’ve had this running and it’s great that we are seeing a great positive trend and expressions of interest from other schools to create an app for their school. On the other side, me as a “Parent” love it as when Christmas carols get cancelled last minute due to bad weather – I am sure to be in the know! How? because my kids school has an App tailored for me!!St Ambrose School App message in newsletter

Excerpt from a newsletter St Ambrose school sent to parents

St Ambrose also organised a few “parent demo” sessions which we attended and took parents through the use of the App and I really can’t describe the feeling when I see those big smiles from parents when I show them some of the features! We’ve now started to work with a few others schools and recently got the new school Our Lady of the Assumption [OLA] in North Strathfield, Sydney all set up and running.

mobiMe school app demo at st ambrose

Truly unique in the way this is built, we are also thrilled that mobiMe was featured as a Top 20 in the OzApp Awards across Asia Pacific earlier this year.

If you are from a school and like to know how to get an App for your school. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us from the “Contact” section on our website here or you can ring us on +61 (02)92621363

We would love to hear from you and take you through how you can get a mobiMe App for your school quite easily.